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Not sure how many people here are interested in history. If you are, I'd highly suggest going to your library and checking out the audio CD called, "Horatio's Drive" (also available on Neflix instant viewing). Its about the first road trip across America in a car, way back in 1903. It really is quite comical at times, such as when the car got its first flat tire within 10 miles of leaving on the voyage, and a team of horses towing the car to the nearest blacksmith.

So what does this have to do with bicycling? Well, back in the day, car's weren't very reliable. Several people attempted to drive across America, but failed. In one such instance, a ONE ARMED bicyclist, who left his destination TEN DAYS after the car, was able to pass it as it sat there broken down on the road.

History can be quite comical at times. If you are in for a laugh or two, I'd highly suggest investing a few hours into Horatio's Drive, and your view of history will never be the same!
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