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My El Capitan is ready to rock ........

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.......... and roll ! :) I've been on a few test rides with it and I have to tell ya its sweet at least for a tall guy like myself ! I'm still working with shock and fork air pressures and adjustments and such but the bike just fits me well ! The big wheels really carry momentum when you get them rolling and easily goes over obstacles in its path ! I already wore a hole in my cable housing going to the front derailleur , the housing going down the seat tube by the rockers ! I'll have to reroute it a different way! I can't wait to take it on some better singletrack , maybe this weekend ! Thanks Chad for lending me an item of need to get the bike finished and of course the sweet built wheels and the other stuff ! I'm glad I listened to a great framebuilder who recommended the Capitan , although I kinda knew I wanted a 29er for awhile now ! :D TIG.

Frame : 21" El Capitan with 4" rockers
Rear Shock : PUSHed Fox RP3
Fork : Reba 29er set at 100mm travel
Wheels : Salsa Delgado disc rims laced to Hadley hubs
Crank : RF Atlas with Phil Wood bearings in BB
Tires : Maxxis Ignitors
Headset : Chris King
Shifters : Sram XO twist
Rear Derailleur : X-9 long cage
Front Deraileur : XTR
Seatpost : Thomson
Stem : Thomson
Handlebar : Race Face Deus low riser 31.8
Saddle : WTB Stealth
Brakes : Hope Mono M4 180mm front , Hope Mono Mini 160mm rear
Cassette : XT 760 11-34
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Sweet bike! I like the gold bits - goes very nicely with the blue :thumbsup:
TIG------you're The King of Bling....FoSure. You're a mad mtn biking pimp daddy. That's one sweet rig with really pleasent colour combo.....My X-5 is silver and black for a reason...Go Raiders! :thumbsup:
agoura_biker said:
Sweet bike! I like the gold bits - goes very nicely with the blue :thumbsup:
Indeed! TIGMAN, that came out AWESOME.

Dr Agoura Biker....when I ran into you and Dr Wallace on the trail and he said he was gonna demo the El Capitan I thought, "he is the perfect candidate for such a bike".....let me know if he tries it out.

Great job TIG!
Nice bling build up.

Looking forward to seeing your action pics big man!

Nicely did - extraordinarily spec'd. You better be bringing that thing to Gnomefest so that I can jib off it into the Gnome Gnosh Pit.
Wow!!! Nice work, man! :thumbsup:
Thanks for...........

................. the kind words everyone ! I 've been just taking it out on short rides just to play with it abit after work so far ! It 's too early to give a good ride report but its definitely a blast to ride ! I do know I'm going to put Phil Wood or Enduro bearings in the external BB cups of my other RF Atlas cranks on the Bruja and Salt , sweet ! :thumbsup: TIG.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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