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Heya - I've been doing loops of Denver on the MUT for the last couple of summers. Not technically a MTB ride but there is some dirt in there so I guess you could do it with smoothie tires better than on a roadie. Works great on a cross bike. You can see the spots where I went off exploring for alternates, and I got a little lost detouring the lower Tollgate Creek which is closed until October.

Platte River Trail N >
Clear Creek W >
Ralston Creek W >
Golden >
Rooney Road >
(Normally 470 Trail but it's closed here for construction. > )
Morrison& 470 Exit >
Bear Creek >
Platte River Trail S >
Chatfield >
E470 & Chambers >
Cherry Creek Res >
Tollgate Creek >
Highline Canal >
Sand Creek >
Platte River S to Mile High.

Pretty close to 130 Miles. I've been parking near Mile High on Saturdays but this weekend I got my 1st parking ticket. There is no parking there during stadium events and I didn't realize Randy Travitz was playing that day. Grrr. :smallviolin: I guess he's some sort of Country Music star. Cost me $50.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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