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My current '04 S-Works Enduro, or Epiphany, 5.5 or Blut LT?

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Hey All.

I currently ride a 2004 S-Works Enduro (with the Brain). I am 5-10, 175 pounds. Primarily southeastern PA riding, so it's a bit of everything....rock gardens, roots, ruts, log overs, some climbs, etc. I'm a weekend warrior, do an occasional XC race and an occasional trip someplace cool (Colorado, Utah, etc).

After seeing the write-up on the Ellsworth Epiphany in Outside magazin, I started getting the new bike itch! It sounds like an awesome bike....4 bar suspension, 5.25" of travel and lightweight. I then started looking around, and it seems like other frames to consider would be the Intense 5.5 (a little cheaper, a little heavier, a little more travel), the Titus Moto-Lite (heavier yet) and, of course, the Blur LT (but everyone's got one, right?).

My goal would be to switch over the components from my Enduro (XTR, Crossmax SL, a Push'd TALAS, etc) and get a lighter, slightly more XC oriented bike, that is a very efficient peddler, a good climber and capable of handling the technical stuff. It should be a good do everything bike...except for drop-offs, because I'm pretty firmly rooted to the ground! Unfortunately, I won't be able to ride all of the bikes that I've listed before making a decision. I have ridden the Blur LT, as well as a Yeti 575 (which I definitely didn't like better than my Enduro).

So, I'd love to see everyone's opinions of the various bikes. Let me have it....
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I had the same decision because I am a weekend warrior 5'10 200Ib. My main choices were the Blur LT and the 575. The reason that I chose the Blur LT is because it excelled at everything you described above. I'm lucky, I live in the UK and have not seen one BLT on the tracks with me. As for the bearings issue...I,ve had mine nine months and the LBS says the bearings are fine and dont need changing yet. Also like you I didn't like the 575. Didn't help that the bearings on the test bike were worn out and creaking.
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