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Well so I am building up a SS post some pics probly within the month.
So far this is what I have sittin on the bench

Zion 853(non EBB) frame
Reba SL U-Turn
Shimano Hone Crank
Salsa 36 SS Chainring
Salsa Flatbar
Salsa Bashguard
Salsa Stainless Flip-Offs

What I need:
Brakes (probly go with BB7's)
Wheels(something fairly light but dont want to compromise a ton of strength)
Cog(will probly run a steel hub so ill just use cassette cog)
Half link (am going to see if I can get away without using a tensioner)
Stem(probly Salsa S.U.L. once I find the right size)
Tires(want a non-tubless xc tire with Grey tires....know of anything)

Any suggestions would be great, ill post pics when it gets done(by the end of next month)

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Brakes - the Avid BB7s will work nicely and won't cost a ton
Wheels - I plan to run a Nashbar SS Disc Cassette hub (aka woodman hub, on-one hub, novatech hub) in the rear and a Novatech disc in the front on Velocity rims. It won't be the lightest setup, but will be nearly bombproof. You should be fine with most anything as long as you do 14 or 14/15g spokes and 3x.
Cog - see above
Half link - there may also be a magic ratio if you can figure it out
Stem - might as well stay with Salsa for continuity
Tires - I have no idea on grey tires, do some internet searches. I run all black Nokians and love'em.
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