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Ev'nin all. I love my bike. It goes like the privy door when the plague is in town and is pretty pimped up for these parts.
I want to make it even quicker for tarmac. Does anyone know of a wheelset and a set of thin road tyres i could swap in to do my commuting which can be up to 23 miles a day. At present im extremely happy with ztr 355 I9 wheels with Kenda Karma 1.9 tubeless for offroad use and pumped to 40 psi they are quick on tarmac. I just know im wearing them out with the wrong use and when im on my Marin road bike miss my Niner too much!
Any ideas would be much appreciated.:)
Bike is xl Air 9,
Juciy Ultimates
Easton EC90 Bar
FSA XC115 Stem
X-O Twisties
CK Head
Thompson Elite
FSA carbon pro team issue 22/32/44
Hollowpin chain
Bontrager carbon Switchblade
I9 Wheelset
NoTubes Kenda Karma tyres
XL Air9 Frame
hubba hubba hubba its been a gr8 january!
A very big acknowledgement to George at BIKE29 for building me the best thing i have ever owned and peace of mind throughout the build.

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Quite the build up you have there, but I need pics, please post pics.:thumbsup:

As for a wheelset, I use the Bonty Superstock wheel set that came stock on my X-Caliber fitted with 32mm tires, 21 miles to work every day and no problems yet.

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your bike is quick...

mine is broken... I caught the GF paragon curse and the seat tube snapped where everyone else has... I'm looking to get an XL Air 9 - tired of GF warranty issues (this is my 3rd GF problem). I like your build, I think I may copy some of it...

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Here are some pics.
Sorry, they aren't very good, but it's all that I have.That was one sweet bike to have in the store, a lot of people stopped and took notice as it was being built.

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It ended up being 22lbs on the nose with pedals. Not bad for an XL. We had to make some spec changes to get it delivered within a reasonable amount of time. We originally were going to put Magura Martas on there, but the rear brakes were not to be found until last week.

Cheers Patrick! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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