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...actually two of them are down right pissed at me, and the third, while its been ridden throughout the winter, I am pretty sure its looking forward to spring.

I think all this animosity started late last August when I shoved all three of them in tiny cardboard boxes and buried them deep in the back of a moving truck. You see, if it were last year this time, the commuter would only be getting a little wet instead of being caked in salt and sand while being subjected to sub zero Wisconsin temperatures on my daily commute. And the other two, who have cabin fever so hot I am suprised the apartment is still standing, would be out carving up single track or black top along the California coast.

I am somewhat suprised that my mountain bike and road bike haven't coerced the commuter into causing me great bodily harm...Oh, wait...twice this winter my freewheel froze up and then suddenly slipped nearly costing me my manhood. Damn my bikes!

Well hopefully I make it spring. I did it for over 20 years growing up in good old Wisconsin, but at the moment I am wondering why, after four years in California, I let my wife talk me into moving back to Wisconsin. I could be riding some pretty sweet single track right now...

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PBR me! said:
I'd say pack up and move back-

then start up a thread titled:

my wife is mad at me....
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ^^^^^^^:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Convert your commuter to Fixed gear or just buy a cheap one for the winter.

Get some rollers and a trainer (different types of rides) and a good collection of videos. I'm really digging the "Sufferfest" videos that you can download for $10.00 from their website.

Go to Ray's in Milwaukee.

Take heart. Depending on which part of WI you're in, spring could be less than a month away. Where I am, I have at least another six weeks of winter.
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