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So, I am doing a 24 hour race in February and do not have a light.
I decide for my birthday, in mid October, that I shall treat myself to an HID light and do some night riding and I will need the light anyway, right?
I also have a riding buddy who has ordered from batteryspace, no problems.

So, the best bang for my buck is the Trailtech 13W HID and I got a NiMh battery, charger and a spare battery all for $240 and some change. Great deal, huh?

2nd week of October: I place my order into, all parts say they are in stock.

End of 3rd week October: I get an email saying that they don't have a charger in-stock. And it will be about a week. (okay, no big deal)

1st week of November: I receive my order in the mail, Hooray! I test it out and I can never get the light to turn on. I call batteryspace and tell them, they tell me to contact Trailtech directly. I call Trailtech, they say, send the light to them. I send them the light.

3rd week of November: I receive the light back from Trailtech. I plug in one of the batteries to test it out. IT WORKS, woohoo. I decide to test out the "spare" battery. As soon as I plug it in, smoke starts coming out from the Control box, I quickly unplug and it smells like melted plastic. I call up batteryspace, they tell me to ship everything back to them (batterspace).

2nd week of December: I call batteryspace to check the status on the light/batteries, how its coming along. They tell me that they never received it. I get the tracking no. and it says that it had been signed at the front desk by "Sonny".
I call batteryspace back and tell them that they have it and it was signed by "Sonny". The guy acts like he doesn't know what I am talking about. He tells me that I have to send him the tracking no. WTF!
I send him the tracking no. and he calls me back and says, "Oh, I guess we do have it".

1st week of January: I get everything back, think to myself, "I won't be surprised it this doesn't work" as I open the package.
I open it up and the cable to connect the light to the battery is cut-off on one end. How the hell am I supposed to connect it to the battery? Freakin' Morons!!
I call them up and they send a new cable.

2nd week of January: get the new cable and everything now works! Its about damn time!

I just thought that I would share my experience with y'all and if I had to do it all over again, I would go directly through Trailtech and order from them.

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And the moral of the story is? Buy direct from Trail Tech next time! ;)

The Trail Tech lights are great systems, but battery space has some huge issues with product understanding, design, and customer service. I hate to bash a company like this, but I’ve seen it time and time again. :nono:

I hope everything will be okay for you from now on. Enjoy your light! :thumbsup:

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