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My ATLAS Finally Here !

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My Atlas arrived today and I just got her out of the box. Assembly seemed simple enough, but I encountered a problem with my front brakes while trying to put the wheel on. I could not put the rotor on the breaks because it is engaged and seemed to be missing a pad. Aside from that the bike arrived in good condition.

The bike is a demo bike and has some scratches on the frame and I expected that. Aside from that everything looks good. Before I take her out for a spin I will take her to a local LBS for a go over to make sure everything is ok.

As promised here are some pics of my Atlas. I will post more pics tomorrow after I clean her up a bit.


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thats weird. The other pad wasnt in the bow or anything?
I did not see the other pad. It's late and I am afraid if I continue to mess with it tonight. I might mess something up.
Scoured the box and could not find anything else. Anyways, I will have her get looked at so I can ride her ASAP. I am just looking forward to riding.
FortOrdDirt said:
thats weird. The other pad wasnt in the bow or anything?
Was it delivered by boat?

What did the demo set you back radray?
No, it was not delivered by boat. It was delivered by Fed Ex. It took long to deliver because they had to wait until my e-check cleared and they had to replace the front derailleur because they discovered it was damaged prior to shipping.

The bike set me back $800

Good score for eight hundy.
$800, eh ok deal. Nothing special, considering lots of used Santa Cruz Hecklers and Superlights are coming up, to name one example, for around those prices and higher end componentry.

My friend got a Superlight for his girlfriend for less than $1g, raceable, but strong components. All near top end stuff.
Pimpin :thumbsup: :thumbsup: you have a sweet bike their. :rockon:
dogonfr said:
Pimpin :thumbsup: :thumbsup: you have a sweet bike their. :rockon:
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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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