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I posted in the 'show us your Yeti' stickie, but since XC bikes seem a bit rare here I figured I'd dedicate a post.

I got my frame around Xmas and slowly built it up. I've been riding it for about 6 weeks - including 2 races.

This bike rides VERY well. The most impressive aspects of the frame is the braking, handling and stiffness (irregardless of the fact it weighs 5.38lb). The bump absorption is very good for medium and big hits, but not quite like my Blur for the small stuff. I am having to adjust my race style a bit to accomodate the incredible, road-bike like out of the saddle sprinting ability of this bike. The front and rear are incredibly stable under power. I think I'm finishing a bit better than my training would indicated, but a new light bike is not a replacement for training. This bike is very fast, but as I learn to sprint better I think it will really help me. I spec'd about a 23lb build, but have not yet bought the wheels - likely AmClassic MTB 350. As is weight is likely right at 24lb.


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