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after reading so many positive reviews, i have decided to give the 650b world a try. i really love this bike the way its set up, but i'm always willing to try different things. i do also have a fs 29er, which i think overall the only advantage to a 29er is the techy climbs, its incredible! other than that, its just not for me,, slow steering and pushing those bigger tires isnt for me. i have read that my favorite fork by far,, pike (coil) will accept the 2.3 neo with no problems,, only reports of this frame i have seen taking on a 650b rear was the 2010, but i believe the rear triangle is the same. i plan on using a 2.1 on the rear, so it looks like it fit either way. i also wanted top keep the weight on the rims close to my current 819's, so i went with some blunts,, they should be here in a week or 2,,, will give it a ride or 2 then post on my impressions of the 650b set up...............


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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