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since lots-o-you fellas seem to like the mustache bar, here is a little m-stache story. i have used the nitto version on and off for a while now. more recently more off than on, as i always found they ended up hurting my hands if i rode them tons. but, i thought i would put them on SS #2 as a back-up for a 24 hour race i have coming up, in case my old skateboarder wrists start to hurting too bad after being in one position for a long ass time.

anyways, i went and got some PVC pipe, same diameter as the bars. i sorta mitre cut two small 3 inch pieces and fit them into the hook of the m-stache on the outer/forward section of the loop of the bar. i epoxied them in place, and taped them over in case they break or crack like a hockey stick. the effect here is now like a little '
"shelf" where the base of your thumb of the heel of your hand can rest - yet, up at the levers, and way back on the rear portion the bar is still nice and small. not done yet, i cut some blue-squishy substance tennis shoe insoles up to fit the shelf section, and taped them on before wrapping the whole she-bang up in bar-tape.

hey whaddya know it is nice !! gonna ride a few hours on them tommorrow as a shakedown cruise, but initial backyard indications are positive ! the new 'ergo" shelf does indeed spread the pressure over the whole hand, but for breaking and yanking is not a factor. there are actually a few different ways to sorta drape yer hands up there, in fact.

an improvement, to be sure. check it out, if you have some m-staches and a little spare time.
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