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Must be the bike...

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The Sunshine Coast is one of the best kept secrets in this area. The ferry is what keeps it pristine!

This day we decided to drive over and have Lee shuttle us since he can't ride with his gimpy knee!

Since we were shuttling... I rode the 6pack. When we ride over I usually take the xc bike and we don't even think about hitting the 'hucking' trails. But...

when in Rome:


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It would be rude not too, if you had the chance :thumbsup:
that's better.
all is forgiven :p.

good to see someone in the air, nice break from the mostly hot air around here...
That's my whirly girrl! Wheeeeee
what happened to the knee, Lee?

nice pics, nice riding S.

and Lee, nice 2d installment on the Fluid writeup on :thumbsup:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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