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On my Singlespeed I decided a upgrade to V-Brakes was a good idea, have a set of Promax levers and Tektro v's now they arent top of the line, but the brakes are VERY mushy. Im using levers from a disk brakes set, and they pull the same amount of cable my V's do. The brakes came off the exact same MTB that I have and those brakes are great.

what I dont understand is that Im using the same cables, housings, brakes and pads that came off of a copy of my MTB and they worked great on that bike. This bike has different rims and the new promax levers, but the levers seem really nice. And pull the right amount of cable. So what would make them so spongy? I cant see the rims doing it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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