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Good idea for rollover.

Curious what happens to head angle? To maintain you’d need to drop fork travel 40mm (cause wheel radius is plus 20mm and axle2crown is +20mm for 29).

I did this on my sentinel with a 8.5 e2e x2 and it was good, but I went back cause Its realtively flat here and im old.

Downhill it was more nimble. Better acceleration and much better for attacking punchy climbs. Drops into corners better in a way thats hard to describe.

Downside on the sentinel was poorer pedaling because of long shock if I had to guess - it wasnt near the right sag point for suspension geo at all and bobbed alot.

Cant tell if it was the bobbing from ant squat making it inch worm, or the little back wheel holding less momentum, but at about 2 hrs when power is fading it got to be noticably slower than normal (based off getting dropped in pedally sections by buds about the same speed as me).

So with the above in mind maybe patrol would work better?

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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