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Always in the wrong gear
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I recently sort of inherited a 2010 Fuel EX (26'r wheels) from my uncle who used to ride a lot but crashed and broke his face and quit riding. Literally, brain surgery. He's fine now, but it was a big deal.
Since 2016, his bike has been hanging on a wall, and during a recent visit he 'gave it to me'. I raided my parts bin and made it into a 1x10 with a 32 N/W ring an an 11-42 wolftooth GC, bled the brakes and the Reverb post and swapped out the grips for some ODIs. Some sealant in the 26x2.35 XR3s and it's good to go.

Here's the thing, I never realized what a frankenbike it already was- According to Trek, the 2010 Fuel EX8 is a 120/120 FS. As it sits now, it has a 150mm RS Sektor fork up front. So it's raked out, but oddly seems to ride/climb without a total loss of manners. I live and ride in AZ, where rollover is king, and the turns are few. So...
Hypothetically... a 26" rear wheel would be "OK", and if I could source a cheap 29'er 120 fork (reba?) and a 29'er wheel, It'd keep the same geometry it has now (roughly), which seems to handle well enough. I'd gain a lot of the things that make 29'ers appealing to me with one up front.
I think it'd be a decent FS play bike to compliment my primary bike, a Vassago Verhauen 29+ singlespeed.

respecting the age of the bike and all that goes with it, is there any reason I absolutely shouldn't to this?
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