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Im currently riding a Surly Pugsley. Mostly on my own property, I have 40 acres of varying terrain that i like to bushwhack around. I have been debating replacing the pugs with a '12 mukluk2 demo. I also have a lot of dirt roads around as well. This got me looking at the Salsa Warbird.

My choices:

1. Get War bird and keep the pugs.
2. Sell pugs and replace with Mukluk 2.

The '12 Mukluk demo in the shop has about 10 hours on it, I was told. Also has XO grip shifters, jag wire cable housing, husker du's, MWOD, 45north pedals, different grips, different seat, hope hubs...i think thats it. They are asking $2400 for that setup. It has some scuffs and scrapes but nothing major I could see. No dents. Nothing appeared too worn.

Now for some questions:

1. Does the Mukluk sound like a good deal?

2. Would I be better off getting a new stock mukluk?

3. Can the Mukluk 2 fit Bud and Lou tires from Surly?

4. Anyone using the Warbird currently as a dirt road bomber? if so, any regrets/complaints?

5. Any bike your would recommend over the Warbird? why?

6. Is there currently a better fat bike to be had? (i understand thats a bit subjective...)

7. Are there any new fat bikes coming out in the the near future I should consider?

I like the Moonlander, but I want non-offset front and case you were wondering.

Any help appreciated.

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Rode my pugs on a nearby groomed bike trail this morning, did family stuff this afternoon, and rode snomo trails later (still LOTS of snow in MN).

I originally wanted an Origin-8 crawler, but bike shop took pity on me after waiting so long and built me a Pugs. I'm happy with it, and don't find the offset wheels objectionable. I think for summer use on improved roads I would try different tires...Nate on back/Larry front are noisy, but they roll easy at 12 Psi on the road. A friend has over-inflated Bud and Lou to 20 PSI in the summer (Moonie) and likes it.

The reason for choosing a Warbird over any number of other bikes would boil down to personal preference and fit. I personally like the stretchy fit of mountain bikes more than the "tucked in" fit of most road bikes at least when there's a possibility I will have to react to irregularities in the road.
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