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Muir Snowshoe, Sat. 1-9-10 @ 1 pm

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We just got a (expletive) ton of snow and in the interest of grooming things up for riding, how 'bout we meet and snowshoe at Muir this Saturday. We could even bring some saws and prunners and chop back buckthorn along the way.

Don't have snowshoes? No worries there, because, REI and the General Store both rent them. Never snowshoe'd before? It's super easy.....kind of like walking after a few beers.

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i just might be in, i got clean clothes now thanx to you guys
We've decided to move the start time to 1:00 pm. The air temp forecast for 9:00 am is 2 degrees and the temp at 1:00 pm will be around 17F.
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