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Whelp... I dun ended up with a nice spot for a backyard trail. I have been riding it a little bit, and have some lines cleared out... but besides that I hadn't done much. Really needed a bridge over a creek at the bottom to connect the different sides of the property.

I'm gonna use this thread to chronicle my trail building effort. Should be a good time!

Needed to get this tree out of the way for a new gravel parking spot. So, decided to turn it into a skinny.

Nature Wood Natural environment Natural landscape Woody plant

Man this was completely exhausting. I'm sure a saw meant for this purpose would be way better, haha.

Wood Forest Trunk Biome Woodland

Finished up the cutting! The skinny ended up being about 24 feet long. I liked looking at it in one piece... but needed to move it about 75 feet into the woods onto the trail.

My buddy decided to come over and save the day with his 4runner, and 10,000 lb winch:

Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Land vehicle Automotive exterior

Once we got it into place we lifted it up and put a log under the end with a notched V in it. Wedged some rocks in around the log so it doesn't wiggle. I also added a 2x12 as an entry ramp, but didn't get a picture of that before it got dark.

Nature Natural environment Plant community Tree Leaf

After that I decided to work on my bridge until I ran out of boards.

Algae Green algae Moss

Nature Wood Biome Trunk Forest

Stay tuned for some north shore drops, and hopefully a big ole table top!

There are also some rock garden lines that I'm going to clear debis out of... but am definitely going to wait until I can get some buddies to help me out.

Pretty jazzed up about this project!
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