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I Raced [If want to you call it that] this past Sunday (August 1st, 2004) for the first time on the Burner (second race time my life) At Iron Hill Park in Newark Delaware. It had been raining daily the week prior to the race - making for wet and muddy trails. The morning of the race we drove there we through a huge thunder storm. There was a complete down pour before the start of the races. It rained through the beginner race and into the sport class race. The trails we worst than I could have imagined.

The Burner was great ride despite the horrible conditions. The big toothed Conti Survivors gripped where others' tires were spinning. I lost the ability to shift near the end of the second lap, mud had caked the entire drivechain. The F100X blow it's TerraLogic Valve, in the last few miles (now being looked at by the LBS).

It rained so hard at times I couldn't see more than a ten feet in front of me. The mud ranged from thin slippery stuff, to thick peanut butter like that stole all my speed away. At time I had to pedal up 3 inch deep stream that flowed down the trails. After three showers, I'm still muddy. I came in second to last place. At the end I was so tired I could hardly stand up. So Yes - I had a great time! :D

There are pictures on the race sponsor's web site. I'm in both 011 & 093 of the beginners' pictures.
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