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"I don't always race bikes, but when I do, its for large cash prizes and kisses from podium girls."

- I never said this

I raced a singlespeed for the first time at Cool this year. In spite of recent storms, the course was a bit drier than expected. But of course, it did involve the usual bogs, deep creek crossings, mud and muck. But this is part of what makes Cool such a special experience.

I stuck to my usual strategy of holding back early in the race. Honestly, this approach works for me simply because with my limited race experience, I find I can never start out fast without blowing up. So when we rounded the first corner, I was dead last. This did not concern me because there are no bottleneck sections in the first part of the course. Plenty of time to pick off racers one by one,

I kept a steady pace with my 32x18 gear combination, which worked well for me. I walked the techy section past Salt Creek and a short part at the top, but the latter was because I wanted to conserve myself.

Two highlights:

1) In lap 2, my friend bigboulder passed out small cups of Pabst Blue Ribbon. I swear after drinking this, I felt stronger. PBR: it's what all the pros are drinking this year.

2) I managed to catch Chris R at the final big climb. I shouted to him "Hey Chris, its me! I've been reeling you in all day!" Chris looked at me sternly and sprinted. I never caught him and finished 7 seconds behind. Next time, I'll try the stealth approach :)

Time: 1:41, 6th place Mens SS 35-99. Thanks to all the volunteers and it was great to see everyone. I still need to go clean my bike another 8 times.

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