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BUT, they have a lot of very insightful information on their.. Mountain Bike Learning Center. A veritable encyclopedia of MTB terminology. A few gems:


Specialized Bikes
Specialized bikes allow the rider specific customization options not available with generic models.

Road Bikes
While many people are very familiar with road bikes, most haven't even heard of a cyclocross bike or know what it is used for.

Single Speed Mountain Bike
A single speed mountain bike can be very useful for certain types of trails.

29er Fork
If you are thinking of converting your mountain bike to a 29er, purchasing a 29er fork is highly recommended.

Bar Ends
Bar ends can be a great asset for most riders.


I think we should have our own list of insightful bike terms, to help with the noobs. I'll start:

Adjustable Travel
Your tires can roll short distances, medium distances, and long distances.

Trials bike
A mountain bike with 3 wheels.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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