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Your opinion on the Cow Hucking Thread

MTBR Peoples Read on Politically Correctness

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Your thoughts of the last few days...........

I have been amazed somewhat, your thoughts...

And Faux, dont pick on me, it is really making me upset.....
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I haven't logged on since Friday. So, I think the past 3 days have been really nice.

::looks around::

btw... as I said on the 9er board, I found it all quite hilarious, specifically the photochopped huck pics.
robdamanii said:
I must have missed it.
Go to search and pop in cow huck.................... it is sitting in the recycle bin...
Whafe said:
Go to search and pop in cow huck.................... it is sitting in the recycle bin...
Pretty goddamned funny if you ask me.
There should be a third option.

"I found it tasteless and disrespectful but had no desire to see it moved. You have the right to be tasteless and disrespectful if you wish and I will just ignore you"

The third option is non PC as it expresses no desire to change others behavior.
It's a dead cow. If it had been a sick cow, then it would have offended me, but it wasn't, it was dead, it has ceased to be, it is no more...

I'm not sure why you would find a dead cow on a ride and have the desire to ride your bike on it, but to each his own. I'm not butt hurt about it all, and I mean, at least the guy got pics.
I didn't know cows had horns

still very disrespectful...IMO
i'm bummed i missed the cow hucking thread! there were so many things i wanted to say when i read it...but i can't because it's closed...alas...missed opportunities to be a smartass sadden me deeply...:p
F' em if they can't take a joke. and F' em if they think their right to being pious and PC (whatever pc is these days, I can't keep up) is more important than my right to have a giggle.

Also, I promise to learn how to bunny hop and go find a dead roo. I past a couple on the way to work today.
Well I'm a vegie and it didn't offend me.

It's a 2 week old dead cow, people.

Think the rider was fairly brave... and sick. Lucky the chest cavity didn't implode and the rider fall face first into putrid maggot infested cow juce.

Don't think I would have gone anywhere near it though. Think it might be bad karma to do that. Bovines scare me.
Much as the original thread entertained me, I've got two thoughts supporting that thread's removal:

a: this site is absolutely plastered with ads, sponsors and links to private companies. It's not just a hobby board, it is a for-profit business venture and venue of business (correct me if I'm wrong here). It is the mods' responsibility to keep the board somewhat PC, as MTB is a relatively granola sport and companies may pull sponsorship if they feel they are supporting somewhat disrespectful-to-nature riding.

b: Funny as it it was, one of MTB's main attractions is that we are a low-impact and environmentally respectful sport. That thread did not show the proper care for nature and its processes that I feel we should uphold.
I voted, as I think it's tasteless, but I am by no means politically correct. Agreed it needs a third option, and i have no idea what people found funny about that.
How did I miss that thread? Next to that helmet thread, that is the funniest thread of the week.
It's creative and neither man nor beast was harmed so what's the problem? Does this mean no more bunnyhopping road kill on my road bike?

There's a lot of stuff in this world to be offended by, I just don't see how this ranks.
Hmmmm....not really my choice of terrain, but I didn't see how the thread was offensive. I'm more indifferent leaning towards amused.
Whafe said:
Your thoughts of the last few days...........

I have been amazed somewhat, your thoughts...

I think life has passed you by and you're now delusional.
The thread was what it was,and the mods are what they are.
I was booted off of other forums for alot less:D
I wouldn't have ridden over any corpse for fear of being splattered with a guttural secretion. Whine about a thread though? No thanks. I have the choice of viewing it or not. The backspace key is a bigger target than the "report bad post" icon.
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