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If you ride/climb, with a GPS, we need your help. is a virtual racing website that also tracks all your rides. We're locked head to head for 1st place with another Cycling team. There is a 2011 contest, as well as a monthly contest. February ends tomorrow at midnight. We need you to join Strava if you're not already on it, and join the team and the 'KOM' contest. You need to do both in order to have your footies count towards the contest and help MTBR.

Firstly, I'll warn you, Strava is addicting. You'll find yourself going out for rides just to add footies climbed.
Strava is free, allowing 5 uploads/month. I'll warn you again, it won't last you long, and you'll want the paid account soon.

I'm not pushing Strava, I just want your help to push MTBR to the top.

You'll find this is actually a great tool.

As for a gps, some of the users find they can also use smartphones with built in gps.

If you choose to help, make sure you join soon/now, and upload your footies before tomorrow midnight.


48000ft for Feb.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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