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Cycling in Parry Sound proper perhaps someone else can comment on as I haven't been up that way - though there is a group from Parry Sound who comes down to Buckwallow from time to time that talk about some riding up there.

The Seguin Trail is the old rail line running east-west along side highway 518 from Emsdale in the East to somewhere that escapes my memory West of Orrville. It's an old rail line, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it a 'rail trail' as we normally think of them - though they're putting a fair amount of effort in to it of late, this line spent many decades abandoned and mostly forgotten.

About halfway between Emsdale and Parry Sound along the 518 you'll run across the Nippissing Road running North-South. This is one of the original colonization roads from circa 1880-1890. The full length runs from Rosseau in the South to Commanda, just south of North Bay - parts of the road are still in use, parts from Rosseau to Sequin Falls (at highway 518) are deemed impassible - with everything in between along the way. From the 518 highway, heading south on the Nippissing Road through Seguin Falls the road degrades pretty quickly past the old Orange Lodge and turns into some backcountry mountain biking. To the north you'll find a gravel road for at least part of the ways (haven't been far up the north arm myself) as you head towards another ghost town (Bummer's Roost if my memory serves, but I'm at the office right now and don't have my maps) either way, from that ghost town, there's another road/trail leading back west towards a small abandoned logging camp where I'm told the church still stands, and from there you can swing back south again to head into Orrville

If you're off the skinny tire persuasion, highway 518 itself is probably the best road ride I've ever done.

If you're exploring in this area, come over-prepared as signs of civilization along the 518 are fairly sparse. On one of my rides I ran out of water in 30+ degree heat just east of Orrville and wasn't able to fill up again until Sprucedale - about an hour away

If you're interested in these routes, let me know and I'll get you some more detailed information when I get back to the house. But generally speaking if you're interested in exploring along dusty old roads, some of which haven't really been touched in 50+ years, there's no shortage of options along the 518 highway
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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