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MTBA Membership? You guys find it useful?

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Thinking about getting a membership for some racing this year but won't be doing $90 worth of racing. The insurance sure sounds good though.

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The insurance is definatly a positive bonus of the membership. but don't forget even small club events like dirt crits etc require mtba to cover you. I have found after joining I don't hesitate to get along to these sort of things were previously I would have had to buy a 15$ day license for a 10$ club ride
Ive had a liscene for about 4 years. I wasted my money last year as due to injury and other stuff I only used it twice, but in saying that I would normally join anyway to support my local club. Also most of the big marathon events have their own insurance so an MTBA liscense doesn't count.

As for the benifits of being an MTBA member, well besides not having to pay for a day liscene I haven't noticed anything personally. The insurance is pretty good but im not sure if the cover is different if you only have a day liscence.

So basically I dont know if it has been 'useful' for me but it normally saves me money when racing. If I had had a crash, my story might be different.

Hope ive been helpful. Maybe someone else has the lowdown on the benifits.
From reading it appears you get income protection and non-medicare benefits with 12 months as opposed to a day licence and you get half the amount even when you are not racing now. eg $3000 non-medicare expenses for racing and $1500 non-medicare expenses just casually riding.

I'll ponder some more... thanks guys so far
Enduro Magazine had a big write up on this in issue 13 and followed on with it in their letters section in issue 14. They go into all the pros and cons in there
You will have to pay for a day license anyway. So in 3 or so races your going to be over $90. If you do club rides it will save you paying for those aswell.
I would so go for it, it makes everything easier. Turn up to a race and don't have to fill out forms etc.
The only down side to forking out $90 for 12 months mtba membership is the $90.

I may do between 6-8 races this year; each one is worth an untold amount in personal health and fitness benefits.

I also get to go on club rides at no cost; if not an mtba member insurance has to be paid for.

And I have some form of insurance whatever that's worth.

We should get more for our money from MTBA, in my opinion.

In other sports, when you pay your yearly membership, you get a years worth of coaching, training days, social events, maybe some clothing IN ADDITION TO the insurance cover benefits that are described above.

An example of this is joining a martial arts club. Multiple organised, formal training sessions a week, clothing, social events and insurance cover that allows you to deliberately seek to inflict physical harm on another person....and it costs less despite the risk of injury being higher.

Why, exactly, can't MTBA offer more?

As for 'supporting the local club' with MTBA licences, the clubs only get a couple of dollars per licence, with the rest going to MTBA.

I find it interesting that 'the roadies', Cycling Australia are the ones who used membership funds to develop a Level 1 MTB coaching accreditation which is being delivered this year. They are also providing funds for National Talent ID coaches who coach MTB athletes.

Again, MTBA could do more, IMO.

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