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MTB roadtrip from Arkansas to LA to Seattle

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I am living in Fayetteville, AR right now and am moving back home to Seattle to a few months. I have a couple people to see on my way back home who live in southern California. So I'm thinking it would be a good idea to take my time on the drive and hit various sweet trails on my way! I am thinking of stopping in Moab, then possibly Nevada and then hitting various trails as I head up through California and Oregon. I need some opinions and suggestions on trails and places I should hit while I'm starting to plan the route I'm going to take!! Thanks in advance!!
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go to fruita and moab. if you can only choose one then go to fruita. fruita is on the way to moab and although its slightly less scenic than moab, the trails are better.
Downieville, CA
North Umpqua trail, OR
Hood River, OR
Lewis river trail, WA
MT ST Helens, WA for something different
Ranger Creek area, WA Suntop
Devils Gulch, Cashmere, WA
Better allow yourself several months to drive & ride what you want.
Santa Barbara County

If you're interested in riding near Santa Barbara (~2 hours north of LA) on your way up the coat, shoot me an email or PM- heaps of good stuff around here...


Yeah man, that would be awesome to go hit some single track with you! Thanks for the ideas all! Here is what I'm thinking version 1, I just have to figure out all the driving and sleeping logistics...

Day 1: drive to Colorado Springs and stay with a buddy
Day 2: drive to Fruita/Grand Junction and ride something, then drive to Moab in the evening.
Day 3: Ride Porcupine Rim or something else cool in Moab, get in the car and drive to somewhere near bootleg canyon.
Day 4: Ride bootleg, then drive to San Diego to see a buddy.
Day 5: See family in LA.
Day 6: Ride something in between LA and San Jose.
Day 7: Ride N. Umpqua Trail on my way to Portland
Day 8: Stay in Portland for a day or continue on up to Seattle, hitting Ape Canyon/Plains of Abraham on the way.

There is going to be some sweet riding :D followed by long hours in the car :madman: ...
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Let's plan on riding! Depending on what you're into, we can put together a ride that'll suit your tastes and your time budget- there's a wide range of terrain locally, from seaside bluffs to fairly brutal backcountry epics...

Just a thought, but that's a fairly aggressive timetable: not impossible, but you won't have a heap of leeway. Specifically, the days 5/6/7 are pretty tight- riding Umpqua after staying in San Jose will be tough to pull off.

Anyway, let me know what your final dates are, and we'll hook up for a tour of some Central Cal singletrack.


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Yeah, that section of the trip is a little ambitious, I might have to figure in a couple more days.. Maybe ride N. Umpqua and then stay in Medford or somewhere around there for the night. That would also allow another day to ride the McKenzie river trail on my way to Portland.. :thumbsup: I haven't done any riding in SoCal but have heard there is some pretty cool stuff. What are some of the cool trails that you like to do around SB, so I can look them up and we can start nailing a ride down. I don't think it's really a losing situation because the pictures look really cool whether they're in the forest or overlooking the Pacific.. I am riding a hardtail if that makes a difference to what trails you think we should go for.

You definitely can't go wrong with riding anywhere along that stretch..

Regarding SB, I'm on a hardtail, also. There's a bunch of good stuff, depending on your preference. Some possibilities locally: riding the Little Pine/Santa Cruz trail as an out-and-back via the singletrack in both directions; riding up Arroyo Burro Rd, out Matias Potrero Trail, then dropping the Hell's Cnayon trail to Gibraltar Dam and either continuing out via Forbush trail, or returning to the car; or riding the Gaviota Peak->Gaviota Ridge->descend Trespass Trail circuit. We could also ride at Montana De Oro near San Luis Obispo, ride near Ojai, or explore some stuff off of Highway 166 east of Santa Maria. All is totally viable with a hardtail...

Let me know your thoughts!


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