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MTB Quantum Physics (GPS replays)

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One of my favorite things about mountain biking is you don't have to drive to play.

The options are endless when you leave from home on a bike. What if all possibilities happened at the same time?

This video explores that, replaying several thousand mountain bike rides that started from this Tucson mountain biker's home.

Or, as my girlfriend said as she walked by, "do you have an ant problem in your computer?"

Another way of looking at it is that you leave a trace everywhere you pedal, and indeed glycogen and time -- life -- is burned everywhere you go. Simply by being there, you change what there is, what it becomes. And you change yourself. This video shows the weaving of the 'rich tapestry of life', or my Tucson MTB neural network, at about 250,000x real time.

The lines get darker and thicker the more a route is traced. You can see my favorite trails very clearly. So many rides, so much time and energy well spent. The red lines remind me of blood veins, with my house as the 'heart.' It's fitting since those lines are my lifeblood, a huge part of what drives me, a manifestation of imagination and exploration.

Thanks for watchin'.
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That is damn cool!
That is a great idea and a really cool video! :thumbsup:
That's really neat. Would be interesting to see something like that develop as I cover new areas. Maybe next year, eh?
luap said:
Thats a great idea!
How did you do it?
TopoFusion's Multi track playback function.

I made the dots slightly smaller for the first video, otherwise it's the public version of TF replaying a bunch of GPS tracks.

The traces / snakes video uses a bit of code not currently released, but I plan to make it available as a "GPS art" feature.

Thanks for the compliments -- fun stuff.
NateHawk said:
That's really neat. Would be interesting to see something like that develop as I cover new areas. Maybe next year, eh?
Do it! GPS on every ride... err, almost every ride.
bad ass! this seals the deal ... i am now going to get a GPS.
Damn you, Scott!

I spend too much time with TopoFusion as it is, playing, dreaming, and scheming.

Now I have to learn how to do this! Ugh.

:D :thumbsup:

Very cool! I have used the multiroute playback on the same route as a visual of how my fitness progresses. Had not thought of this.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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