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I have been running a 1x6 setup for 29er MTB but will do a lot of my riding this winter on the road. I have a new wheelset and because of the commuting involved I'm going to go with a 3x9 or 2x10 set up.

I hear great things about the 2x10 and I love the idea of having the clearance of a smaller chainring when I am riding MTB. But in the highest gear ratio for the road I think it's going to be like 12% less than the 3x9. Having ridden a standard 3x9 on the road before (29er) with a 44x11 tooth, I often ended up in that gear and occasionally wanted higher. With the 2x10 I don't think I'll be anywhere close.

I like the idea of having crisp shifts. My custom 1x6 never did shift well, though it was great to only have to click a few times to get the full range. But I hear the 2x10 shifts super nice, and I hear with the SRAM x-glide is a huge improvement. Is that the case?

If so what about the lower end of the 2x10 drivetrains. like the X.7? Obviously there is a lot of components involved and opinions. Right now though I'm swaying toward the 3x9 for cost and the range I need for the road. But let me know what you think?
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