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Hello All,

I have written a program to assist in race registration and hopefully make registration a little bit easier. This program is in a development/proof-of-concept stage and will undergo a complete rewrite over the winter if the proposed rules changes occur. I am looking for input on what is helpful, what is pointless, and whether folks would be interested in this program. It will be released as open source under GNU General Public License v3.

This program has been used for all the Mountain States Cup races this year and can print out all the forms (so all you need to do is sign and pay). At Angel Fire, we were able to register over 1,000 riders with the registration line getting no longer than approx. 10 entrants.

If you are interested, please feel free to download and try out the program. I have just set up some forums (nothing fancy) to answer any questions about the program. I look forward to all input.

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