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So the only Mtb enduro in the Himalayas is finally knocking. The details and the route are out and the entries are open as well. Posted a small brochure with great pics from last years event in the Gallery.

Here are the details for the Himalayan Enduro

Village backroads, jeep tracks, singletrack … There are medics and marshals on motorbikes, apples & bananas on beverage halts, and as you'd expect of the Himalayas, lots of ups and downs (A staggering 12,000 meters of elevation gain) with the great vistas. MTB HIMACHAL 2006, 9 days of enduro riding, a test of strength and determination".

MTB HIMACHAL 2006, the second edition of India's first Mountain Cycling ride and race would commence from 4th October and finish on 13th October. The event would be flagged off from Shimla, the capital of the Indian Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh and finish at Manali, the popular tourist destination in the lap of the Himalayan ranges of Bara Banghal and the central Lahaul massif. The second edition of the challenging ride promises to be bigger, better and exciting. Nine days of Classic Mountain biking through interior trails of the Himalayan Foothills in Himachal Pradesh. The total kilometers of the course this year have increased; there is the grandeur of exquisite Himalayan Vistas, the magnificence of deep forests of Pinus Roxburghii, Oak, Horse Chestnuts and Himalayan Cedars through which the trails wind their way, there is the sheer sense of triumph and contentment, there are moments of wilderness in solitude, there you are stretching your limitations crossing Himalayan passes, pedaling high, reaching altitudes of 3600mts and as you mountain hop through the happy course it's a surprising 12,000 meters of total climbing (total elevation gain) through the gruesome, challenging 9 days totaling an even more surprising 650 kilometers. The course winds its way through singletrack, doubletrack, and broken tarmac, tarmac and sometimes just footpaths. There are long downhills and grueling uphills, as there are straight stretches, there are sections of hike and bike, and there are fast paced gravel roads. There is a lil' bit of everything for riders of all initiations (Mountain Bikers, Road Riders etc), just not dirt roads and singletracks. We look forward to great days of pedaling through the mountains, where one has enough time to soak in the autumn sunshine and the great Himalayan scenery. It is still a race however it is more of the Himalayan outdoors, which score over time and competition. We do like to make it tough and grueling, so one has to be reasonably fit and understand the only timeless things are courage, stamina, endurance, resolve and determination and you would need these in huge reserves, if planning to have a great time exploring yourself pedaling through the Himalayas. It is about passion and it is about mountains, it is about the riders as much as it is about the ride. MTB HIMACHAL 2006 awaits all willing to discover and ride high. Let the Himalayas see you through.,

These are websites visit for more details. OR one can mail on [email protected]

The event is supported by the government of Himachal Pradesh, the host state and is being organised by HASTPA.

THE DAY WISE ROUTE "MTB HIMACHAL 2006"Zero Day 4th October, 2006Rider Briefings, Puja, Media Conference, DinnerDay One 5th October, 2006Shimla - Baghi (88Kms)Day TwoBaghi - Mashnu (84Kms)Day Three 6th October, 2006Mashnu - Sarahan - Baghipul (88Kms)Day Four 7th October, 2006Baghipul - Chowai (86Kms)Day Five 8th October, 2006Chowai - Jalori Pass - Gadah Gushaini (67Kms) Day Six 9th October, 2006Gadah Gushaini - Jhanjehli - Bagsad (45Kms)Day Seven 10th October, 2006Bagsad - Mandi - Parashar Lake (87Kms)Day Eight 11th October, 2006Parashar Lake - Bajaura - Kullu (53Kms)Day Nine 12th October, 2006Kullu - Bijli Mahadev Temple - Naggar - Manali (71Kms)Day Ten 13th October, 2006Prize Distribution ceremony at Mountaineering Institute, Manali.

0 Shimla 2208m9 Mashobra 2348m26 Thaila 1850m53 Matiana 2450m70 Narkanda 2708m88 Baghi 2691m99 Khadrala 2800m114 Sungri 2600m139 Taklech 1650m166 Daranghati 2950m173 Mashnu 2150m200 Sarahan 1930m218 Jeori 1391m241 Rampur 900m257 Nirmund 1360m265 Baghipul 1760m273 Kullu Sarahan 2440m320 Nither 1890m346 Dalash 1800m354 Chowai 1620m376 Khanag 2660m373 Jalori Pass 3223m379 Shoja 2683m387 Jibhi 2280m403 Bahu 2600m412 Gadah Gushaini 2730m430 Jhanjehli (Hike) 2200m451 Kanda 2320m473 Pandoh 850m492 Mandi 750m 519 Kataula 1380m
533 Parashar Lake 2730m559 Kandi 1560m576 Bajaura 1097m581 Bhuntar 1200m598 Bijli Mahadev 2460m633 Naggar 1760m642 Jagatsukh 1600m650 Manali 2050m

Hope it generates some interest.

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