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MTB bike clubs in the Worcester area????

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Just wondering if there are any weekly rides happening in the worcester area. Looking to get out at least one night a week after work
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Wed Night ride every week usually at 6.
Mailing list, Facebook page, or also has a forum and the rides are posted there also.

Team Bumms is local also and has (at least maybe more) a weekly time trial I think on Tuesdays.

Seven Hills Wheel man is also Worc area. They might lean more towards road but I do know they have MTBers as well.
Also depending on where in Worc you are you could check out the Wachusett Nemba chapter. I believe they are more towards Leo State Forest and points North.
Im in Grafton. Have been riding leominster st and rayburn trails.
You ll want to check out West Millbury (Singletary) and Sutton also. Good stuff. The Wed rides normally do millbury, Sutton, Uxbridge etc

How do I get involved? Is it a pretty advanced ride?
Just show up with your bike, helmet, and any thing else youd normal bring riding. Membership isnt required. All skill levels welcomed no one gets dropped or left behind (well not left behind on purpose any way.) If youd like to join NEMBA it can be done online or you can get the info at the ride.

I ll try and remember to post the ride over here for you but it would be better to keep an eye on the or sign up for the mailing list.
Thanks alot man. Really appreciate it.

Riding Vietnam in Milford MA. Wed. This is about the furthest from Worc. the wed rides get.

All skill levels welcome.

Details at
damn, I am leaving for NY wed morning. I will have to catch the next one
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