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Since this is a beginner's corner thread, I think it would be appropriate to let beginners such as myself, in on some 'biking techno babble'. I think this should be a list of words in the world of cycling that every newbie should know.

Cyclocross? (swoosh, huh?)
Downhill?? (don't they do good on uphill?)

You guys get the picture...

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: You need good riding technique. Tricky combinations of rocks and roots. Difficult terrain.

: I suppose this means tight turns. Perhaps like a road snaking up/down a mountain. Could be so tight you need to lift a wheel to turn so tight. Could be tricky if it is in a steep slope.

: Old European cycling sport. The bike looks a bit like a road bike. The race is on gravel, sand, grass, mud; and it contains sections where you need to lift and/or carry the bike. In Central Europe it has been a sport for the muddy season.

: Who gets down the hill fastest, one at a time. Could be equated to the skiing downhill. The track usually contains drops, rock gardens (the name says it), tight turns among the trees (if you have any), whatever tricky bits of hillside you can find. Speeds can get very high if you have a site where there is space for speed.
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