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Mt. Elwell this weekend

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We're headed up to the Quincy / Graeagle area this weekend for the High Sierra Music Festival, and I'm hoping to get some riding in. I'd really like to ride Mt. Elwell, if I can find someone to ride it with me. Else I'll just do the Downieville xc course and maybe North Yuba with my wife Lauren.

Anyone want to join me for Mt. Elwell? Yeah, read Ferrentino's article about Graeagle in the latest issue of Bike magazine.

Leaving tomorrow morning, but I think there's cell coverage where we're heading. PM me a number if you want to join me.

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Sweet. I've gone to the HSMF in Quincy a few times, but not this year.

My wife will be up there doing some Doctor if you dehydrate in the sun or overcomsume on schrooms, she'll be there to kick you around and make youtube videos..j/k.


BTW: Mt. Elwell is a serious grunt, but very much worth it.
:) Hopefully we don't get to meet her in a bad way!

My wife works for Xtracycle. We'll be riding the big bikes around during the concert and representing, yo. But I'm hoping for some bouncy bike riding. Not sure I want to do Mt. Elwell solo but might just do it...

Mt Elwell = Mountain-bike-aneering

Land of Epic rides. Have "enjoyed" that route a few times. Like the old disco tune "push push in the bush" -there will be pushing to the top of Elwell (about where it starts getting brushy). But I worked one day last year w/SBTS on the NEW Mt Elwell trail -which will be a beauty. Not sure how complete that is yet check w/SBTS. There's also the reworked Smith Lake trail -very sweet. Doing Elwell from Graeagle Lodge is all Rock-n-Roll as you test your suspension through endless hardrock gardens. Free beer if you clean all the drops on Jamison Creek Tr.

[/URL][/TD][/TR][TR][TD]From Lakes Basin[/TD][/TR][/TABLE][/IMG]
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Fairfaxian said:
Land of Epic rides. Have "enjoyed" that route a few times.
Thanks! I didn't get to do it. Wife and I did a crazy loop in Quincy out by Spanish Creek on Saturday, then I did the Downieville xc pre-ride solo Sunday. I want to do Mt. Elwell sometime this summer. We went through Graeagle this weekend, it was our first time there. Nice place! I'm sure the riding is good on that side.

Did Elwell on Monday last week...

Still a significant snow drift on the top, but plenty of fabulous, technical, rocky sweetness before one gets to the fresh, new stuff that SBTS put in last summer. And the finish down Smith Creek? Oh Yeah...soo, sooo good that we went back three times last week for more of it.

And yes, I have ridden all the drops on Jamison, but we didn't get around to riding it this trip.

We did ride up the new Smith Lake - Jamison connector and back down on the Smith Creek drop into Mohawk. Absolutely beautiful scenery, and a really fun trail! The day we did it we rode Round Lake to lower Bear Lakes to Grassy to Gray Eagle Creek over the ridge and up the new Smith Lake trail and back down Smith Creek.

We've been riding the Lakes Basin for a few years now. Good to see it finally getting some recognition.

BTW, Greg just opened another Yuba Bike Shop in Graeagle in one of those little red buildings beside hiway 89. Stop in and say hello if you make it up that way.
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