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Hi All

Once again I am updating you because so many people come from this board come to MBO.

MBO is only a couple weeks away and we look forward to seeing you.

We are NOT sold out, in fact we are down a little from last year. I think it is because of gas prices and people assume we are sold out, in fact while I was at the IMBA summit I had a number of people say something like " I'd come but I know your sold out like every year."...the only thing that is sold out is a couple Middle Fork shuttles.

Because gas prices are raising so much we are NOT going to raise our prices July 1 in hopes that more people with sign up, but please sign up sooner then later, so we know how much food and other supplies to get.

The trails are in great shape.
The top of Alpine is still covered with some snow, BUT it should melt off in time for MBO

The rest of the trails are looking great!

If you are an advanced rider looking for a challenge, our NEW lower Brunchgrass ride from the park should do the trick. Climbs, VERY technical switchbacks, sweet trails and great views. ADVANCED riders only please.

Lots of demo bikes in July.

In August Chris King will be there, also in August Hill Abel the president of IMBA will be hanging out and riding with you.

Most Shuttles will leave at 9am and noon this year
Middle Fork 8am

As always
I hope to see you there
Contact me personally at [email protected]
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