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Hi All

Everything is looking great for MBO 2006. We have around 200 signed up from 14 states.
We have people from almost all the New Englad area states, plus a couple mid west stated, Cali sign up is HUGE, about 50% of the riders.

The trails are in great shape!

The Saturday Middle Fork ride is nearly full, so we are going to add a Sunday Middle Fork ride too.

We have been contacted by many people that realized they didn't sign up for the Middle Fork ride or decided to add this ride. The origanal reg system was not designed to add event and let people bad in that had alrerady signed up, so we are working on this issue. Please allow Ayleen a coupe days to get back to you if you are trying to go thru this process.

Otherwise things are looking great!

Check out the site and the Who's Coming page to see what companies are coming. We are going to be adding companies in the future we hope.

As always I can be reached
[email protected]

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