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This is broken out of the "we need more pictures" thread.

Rode Baldy and I forced myself to take a ton of pictures...

Barrier Lake lot:

Some of the initial fireroad then singletrack climb (I didn't stop to take the photos hence the blurriness):

Some more of the climbing section:

Views and trail near the top:

At the top:

Adding extra travel and dropping the saddle for the upcoming descent:

Little stretch before the loose, rocky descent starts:

A few more scenery shots before we start the descent:

The descent:

Looking back uphill:

Further down, looking uphill:

More fast, loose, rocky descending:

The singletrack in both directions:

A scree section with scenery:

Barrier Lake and Mt. Baldy:

The end:

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Excellent PICS! Looks like some very clean riding, the kind of stuff I love!

If you mean mud-free, not always - the climb up has some sections that can get soggy (and it rolls a bit so you get some tire spray). We rode it 3 weeks ago and got hit with a thunderstorm which wetted down some very sticky mud on the climb. The downhill drains well and was dry though.
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