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Mt Ashland shuttle route?

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I'll be up in S Oregon in July to visit family. We are going to shuttle Mt. Ashland and I am looking for a route with some FR/DH flavor but rideable for the the intermediate riders in the family.

If you find yourself in AZ and want to ride gnarly DH, look me up:

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A lot of this depends on what you mean by "intermediate." I've heard what the riding down there's like so I don't feel like our trails have the consequences you're used to. There is a bit of FR stuff in Ashland, but it's minimal. I'm in a club that's lobbying to change that.

My buddy Wes runs a guide/shuttle service up here. (Link in my sig.) At this point, he offers guided shuttles from Mt. Ashland for $10. Hopefully by the time you're here he'll be riding again. (Had a bit of a spill in the Ashland Super D...)

If you're bringing that set-up in the photo, I may be able to show you around if I'm not working...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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