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MS 900 converted to taillight.

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Just an FYI to whoever may care. The Magic Shine 900 helmet mount can be flipped upside down and fits up in the seat rails. The light mounts to it (obviously) pointing back. It works awesome as a taillight. It was bright enough that I was pissing off drivers so I had to put a clear colored plastic over the lens to dim and diffuse it.
Some guy in a Mercedes pulled in front and stopped today and as I tried to go by: "WHERE'D YOU GET THAT TAILLIGHT!!!" He yelled. He loved it, copied down all the info on it.
Right now I'm using a couple pieces of that green plant/vine tying stuff as a diffuser, so it's a green taillight. I'm going to try the vehicle brakelight repair tape so it'll be red.
About two months now and it's been great, cool weather, used only on flash mode and no sign of getting too hot. On steady high it may overheat it.
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Strobe works. Your body seat and bike frame will reduce the cooling it gets. The design has a poor thermal path from LED to light body, but strobe should ease the thermal load on the LED a lot and the electrical load on the driver quite a bit. Some of the resistors are marginal at full power apparently, so lower duty time should help. Flash is much more attention getting.

You might want to try it aimed down a bit so the hot center part of the beam only comes above the hood (and into the driver's eyes) of a following vehicle if they get too close (serves 'em right then, & should back 'em off). Guessing you have 2-300 lumens after losses to heat, reflector, glass and red filter. I have about the same spread about the same power but in four lights. At night, you light up road signs behind and that helps oncoming traffic see you, too.

Just charge the batteries in a fire proof situation.
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