For 2016, MRP made internal changes to its Stage fork to help improve performance and reduce noise. In addition, a majority of their chain guides are now lined with a noise-reducing TPU material.

Video: MRP Stage Fork, Wave Ring and Chain Guides

MRP Brand Manager Noah Sears walks us through the updates to the Stage fork for valving and explains some of the updates to their new chain guides.

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The Stages fork receives minor updates this year to valving, which offers increased performance when the low speed compression is ramped up. The 8 clicks of compression carries over from last year, but there is a larger discernible difference between clicks for a more tunable range.

Other updates include a new wiper seal, which lasts longer and has lower friction. The rebound circuit has also been reworked to help reduce noise by a claimed 26%, so the fork is nearly silent.

There are also new graphics available. MRP will be offering 10 different decal colors to consumers at no additional cost, and each of the color palettes have been selected to pair with the latest crop of 2016 bikes.

The brand came to prominence due to its chain guides and they're continuing to push updates to that extensive product line. For this year, the majority of their guides are now lined with a TPU material that will help reduce chain slap noise.

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