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Wanted to see what info I could get about this.

Just got a pair of the MRP Bones Cranks (used) and I think I might have a problem with the non drive side. If you look at "WasherSetUp.jpg", this was how it was set up on the previous bike. Pretty sure it was a 73mm BB width. My bike has a 73mm width. Trying to install it with this set up, the non-drive side cup stuck out quite a bit (at least 1/4"). So I moved one of the spacers to the outside of the cup (spacer circle in red) and see "NonDriveSide.jpg".

Is it a good idea to do this? Since the cups have cartridge bearings, will the pressure
from this spacer damage the bearings? Or does the crank-arm need to be flush to the cup? Also, once everything is tightened, there is very little back-spin from the cranks. A good push will spin it maybe one time around. And I'm not tightening that much. Would this be normal and would it loosen up a little once I rode it for a bit?

Any help would be great!



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