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Mr.Moots in the snow

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Ok it finally snowed around here. I hauled out my 29r and fell in love once again! The damn thing was just perfect! 29r wheels are the stuff for the snow. Heres a couple pics.


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very nice...

what size frame, and what bar is that?? looks really a good way..
Horse Gulch in the snow is stunning.

I can’t wait to bring my new Orbea 29er to Durango this year.
Can you take a picture of your control set up? I'd really like to see how the Xt lever/shifters work with the Jones bars.
Horse Gulch

Thats a 20 inch Moots, with a Jones Bar. Yes Horse Gulch in the winter can be oh so sweet!


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Carzuk said:
Yes Horse Gulch in the winter can be oh so sweet!
I remember when Horse Gulch was little more than a dump and the scene of high school keggers. I much prefer it as it is now. However, my experience of Horse Gulch in the wet is one of insanely sticky mud -- what we called "gumbo". If it's frozen, that's one thing, but during the mud season -- ughh! And winter in Durango meant time on a set of tele skis on Molas Pass... But that was when it actually use to snow in Durango. I'm supposed to be in Durango to visit family right after Christmas -- by the looks of it I might want to bring my bike intsead of skis...

Oh yeah, I like your bike! What's your impressions of the Jones bar/Moots stem set-up in terms of stiffness? I've run a Moots stem/Moots bar combo for years, but have recently gone with a Thomson stem to stiffen things up a bit now that I'm spending more time single speeding.

I haven't ridden my 29er in Durango yet, but look forward to it. The Durango MTB100 would be a great place to race a 29er, and yours in particular!
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Jones bar

The Jones bar is very stiff. This would be the only ti bar that I would use with a ti stem. Get one and love it!!
PeT said:
What's your impressions of the Jones bar/Moots stem set-up in terms of stiffness?
I got a Moots stem a couple of weeks ago, and I was worried about the Jones bar slipping. I've used Thomson stems exclusively with the H-bars, and they would chirp and creak occasionally, which drove me nuts. I'd also have to readjust the bar once in a while because of slipping. So far with the Moots/Jones setup I haven't had a single chirp, creak, or slip.

As far as stiffness? Hmmm... I haven't noticed any twisting of the bars or stem as I pull and push on the grips while I'm climbing.
Cool pics, cool bike, cool handlebar.

And cool homeshop!
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