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Moving to SW Virginia from New Zealand - What kind of bike is best for the area?

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Hi folks, per the tile I'm moving to SW Virginia early next year from NZ where I've been absolutely lucky to have some incredible riding. I'm currently on a 2020 Commencal Meta AM 29 and I absolutely love it, but I'm a little concerned its not quite the right bike for the terrain in the area and/or the type of riding available. I'm also not the fittest or strongest climber so if there are long or technical climbs then perhaps the Meta AM might cause me a bit of trouble.

Initially I'm looking for some broader brush stroke suggestions on what you would suggest for the area, like trail, All Mountain, Enduro etc, but if you can suggest some specific models then I'll also gladly take that advice on board.

Thanks in advance!
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IMO, the Meta is great bike for the area, lots of climbing with great downhills as a reward. After a few months you will get your climbing legs. I have been looking for that exact bike to ride in Virginia to offset my AM hard tail on days I don’t want to use that much finesse.
You can ride everything in Roanoke and Blacksburg at full speed on 120mm or less, provided you’re confident in hitting 3-4ft drops on that kind of bike.

Only a couple of unsanctioned trails where I’d want a bigger bike. But you’d need a person to show you, or give you a GPS file, to find them.

Hoewever, if you’re in Harrisonburg, there’s more big bike terrain up there.

Just keep in mind that, in many cases, there are no FS roads to pedal up.

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