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Moving to Scranton

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Hey folks

I'll Soon being moving to scranton and wa sjust wondering if there are any good trails near there?

any help would be good


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There's probably plenty of other stuff near Scranton, but the two places I know are Merli-Sarnoski Park (aka Fell Mtn) and Prompton. Both are listed in the trail reviews if you need more info, and both are excellent.
Check out Hubbard bicycle Club I have seen some of their members responses to questions and have ridden both Merli-Sarnoski(Felll Mtn) and Prompton which they maintain. There is also lots of good riding down in the Wilkes Barre area. You are moving to a great mountain biking area, IMHO.
Riding in Scranton Pa.


Lee from Proformance Cycle, Your invited to ride with us whenever you like. We ride Mountain, Trials, Singlespeed, Road, and Road touring. We also have some long distance rides.
Right now we are XC sking! If the snow decreases we will be back on the bikes. I do have a Cyclo X course in the snow.

Lee Curry
c/o Proformance Cycle
58 Wyoming Ave.
Wyoming Pa 18644
(570) 693-5811
[email protected]
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Thanks for the help guys I'll check those trails out when I get there!

thanks again

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