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Well, not permanently, but my wife has a four month work rotation there, and things worked out so that I get to come along! We'll be there this summer, and we're both really excited to ride as much singletrack as we can while we're there. Say hi if you see me on the trails--I'll be the guy on a silver Trance with the ear to ear permagrin.

Question about tires: I've got an XC set (Maxxis Ikon F and Aspen R) and a "heavy duty" set (Conti Trail King 2.4/2.2). Which would be better for Bend? I like my light XC set on the hardpacked east coast trails I ride, but it sounds like there are some sharp rocks in the area that might not play nice with their thin sidewalls. Maybe TK front and Ikon rear?

Also, if anyone happens to know about any part-time work opportunities, I'd appreciate any leads. I do freelance editing and writing, I teach and tutor writing and literature, and I've also worked in the booze industry (bartender and fine wine/craft beer retail).

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself. Cheers!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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