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Moving on from my Fox Fit4 SC 120, DVO or Manitou?

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I'd like to move to a fork with more small bump compliance, more lateral stiffness and more damper adjustability. Also ease of self service is somewhat important to me.

The new Fox 34 (non-stepcast) Grip 2 is interesting but I am also giving a hard look at the smaller manufacturers. Looking to stick at 120mm travel with some flexibility to go to 130 or maybe 140. Weight isn't super important, I know anything is going to be more than a Step Cast I am coming from. Its going on a steel hardtail that usually gets ridden single speed.

Looking at DVO Sapphire, Manitou Matoc, and again the new 2022 Grip 2 with a 120mm air shaft swapped in.

Any thoughts on comparing these forks? Other recs?

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I have a manitou markhor (cheapie I know) now on a hardtail and I like it so much my new bike (in a couple years) will also have a manitou fork.
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Because you mentioned small bump I'd recommend going with the Sapphire. I own a Diamond and the Off The Top feature makes a huge difference in sensitivity early in the travel. Proper magic carpet ride. The Sapphire is also a newer design compared to the Diamond and has some improvements, like the ability to use tokens. To option to adjust travel without buying extra parts is nice to have as well. Generally I've found that with the various available settings you can have a fork with great traction, comfort and support.

You will find that DVO are great to deal with overall, they have aswered my questions on e-mail a few times and are known to be easy to find on the phone and willing to help. Their small parts are usually available on their webshop as well.

I have no experience with Manitou at all but personally I'd go with DVO over RockShox of Fox.
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