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Mounting V studs on rigid Carbon fork?

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Hey, I have a 26" rigid carbon tube fork with disc mounts and want to go v-brake (don't ask) and need to add studs. I do a lot of work with epoxy and was wondering if anyone been successful mounting studs on one of these carbon tube forks. With the correct fillers that stuff is strong as hell and can be threaded. I have also seen a bracket that would mount on the fork with the studs but now can't find where I saw it. Thanks


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It would be safer to sell your current fork and purchase one with V-brake studs.

Why would you want to modify something that was never designed for V-brakes to begin with?

Good luck with the modification if you proceed. Your doctor, dentist and oral surgeon will thank you.
Pace used to make a set that bolted on their RC31 forks, they should work if you can find a 2nd hand set. I don't think they sell them new any more though.
Jaz, They look like just what I had in mind. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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