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Tandems themselves are not light. As we know, mountain tandems are even heavier.

I weighed our mountain tandem last night and it came across the scales at a hair over 46#.

It is a Curtlo custom with 4 S&S couplers. larger steel tubes with no diagonal.
MRP tandem rated fork.
Jones H bar.
ONYX hubs (heavier than most but bullet proof.
Sun Ringel rims which aren't too heavy.
WTB Nano tires.
Brooks B17 Imperial and B17S Imperial saddles <- a bit heavier than normal.

I just wondered what weights others have on their bare bikes.

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I haven’t weighed our Ventana ECDM in years, but it was about 48 pounds. There have been a couple fork changes in the mean time and some other small mods. Old 26er circa “06.

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