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Just got back from Mountain Mayhem. The event is still on, but I have never done such a thing before and had had enough!

It was good fun, up to a point, and then it started raining making 70% of the course impassable for anyone who wasn't a superfit great at anything expert!

Seriously, this was mud like I have never seen before, on single track sections that for much of their length were a 45% off camber due to the wear of the riders. The mud wasn't wet, it was just like semi wet clay which meant that my wheels literally wouldn't rotate any more. Having to push the bike through that for much of the course with precious little energy on board was not fun in the slightest.

When the track was dry it was good fun. But once that rain did its damage and it ended up taking me from 2:30am to 6:30am to do 8.5 miles I was ready to pack it in!

My heart goes out to the guys and gals that were doing this race as soloists, but also solo single speed riders!! Some of them managed to peddle their way through the crud that stopped me in my tracks! They just kept going and going, lap after lap after lap! How the hell do they manage it! Some of them looked so fast and fit it looked as if they were doing their first lap of the course!! I am having difficulty comprehending that amount of fitness level. It doesn't seem real!

What is even more amazing is that those people aren't even pros!

What did strike me though was how differently some bikes handled the mud. Some had put on thinner tires, which seemed to help greatly. Others still had wides on. Yet some bikes got totally clogged up like mine, while others barely seemed to get clogged up at all. My shifting went to pot. Even stopping to de-clog the system didn't help because literally 5 seconds later it had accumulated the same amount of mud again! The bike was too heavy to carry with all that stuff attached to it. Also, I found that my front disc pads had completely worn away despite barely using them due to pushing the bike!

Anyway. The event was very well organised and everyone was extremely friendly both on and off the track.

Would I do such an event again? Possibly. I don't mind wet mud that doesn't clog. But I think that next time the course designers really do need to consider what happens to the course if it rains and design accordingly. Even in the dry the off camber sections were only ridable for the really good riders when this event is designed to accommodate all levels. I think that last factor needs to be considered much more, as well as adding more downhills! Most of the course was uphill with very precious little downhill sections.

Right. I'm off to see if I can somehow clean my bike!
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