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Mountain Goat Lombada Tandem

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the wifey and myself took it out for the first time Sunday on a 45 miler from San Juan Capistrano to Solana Beach in So.Cal.

this one was on Craigslist in Portland back when Portland was buried under snow a few months back. the guy had a bunch of callers on it but nobody could drive out to get it because of the snow. i paid for it on-line and just waited for the snow to melt before a friend could pick it up for me. worked out great.

this bike quite obviously was used no more than a couple of times. it's in pristine condition. an interesting thing is that it has no Shimano major components. the brakes are even Campy's. another odd thing is the lack of any phil tandem tubing which i find odd considering Jeff Lindsay's affinity to Phil oblong tubing. in case it's not obvious this has 700c touring tandem wheels with 48 spokes and Specialized tandem hubs.

this originally had flat bars front and back. the front stem was hideous so i changed it out to a Nitto with a Noodle handlebar for the captain. it's setup with all the touring braze-on's so perhaps we'll go touring with it if we decide to keep it. we'll change out the bars for the stoker too but not sure to what yet. the stokers MT. Goat stem will only accept a strait bar unfortunately.

photos were taken on the Camp Pendleton military base.

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Beautiful bike. I will avoid making all the stupid tandem jokes and just say enjoy the quality time and ride. I have a wide 46 Profile cowhorn in the back of mine that the stoker really likes compared to her old flat bar. Just wide enough to keep from interfering with my riding. Although with those 700C's spose a matching rear drop bar would look good also.
Beautiful bike Sky!!
VRC tandems are cool. Nice bike! Any idea what year it is?
That's a sweet dualie. Now, didn't you score an Ibis a few months back, or am I imagining things? ;)

You may soon hold the largest number of vintage tandems in the west:D
Nice. Very nice. That makes my Gitane look like a, well, a Gitane. :)

What year is it?
you know, i havn't looked at the serial number yet. i'll try to get that tomorrow to find out what year it is. im not sure how to date the Sachs derailleur or anything else on that bike.

MCS, i had a Ibis maybe two years ago that i sold. i recently sold my Moots tandem which i HIGHLY regret now. my wife is pissed i sold the Moots too. oh well. now i have a Ritchey Tandem, Goat Tandem, Landshark Tandem and finally a 3Rensho tandem. all quite rare.
You have outdone yourself as usual. A shot of all your tandems would be nice - please.
That one is as nice as the Moots you sold me, it's happy to be back in Steamboat, We love riding it.
sbsbiker said:
That one is as nice as the Moots you sold me, it's happy to be back in Steamboat, We love riding it.
Pics? :)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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